Phylogenetics and Biodiversity meeting 17-18 April 2015 (Temple University, Philadelphia)

This special meeting brings together leading researchers who use phylogenetic trees to study biodiversity and conservation. The field has gained importance in recent years as human-caused changes in the environment have increasingly threatened species. Research has led to new methods and re-thinking of basic concepts. The meeting provides an opportunity for an exciting exchange of ideas in this dynamic area at the intersection of evolution, ecology, and global change.

(an SMBE Satellite Meeting)


Special seminar on 25 February: Biodiversity Science in the Anthropocene

Please join us for this seminar by Dr. Matthew Helmus on Wednesday, 25th February at 4PM in room 504 SERC (large conference room).  The seminar is co-sponsored by Temple’s Center for Biodiversity and the Department of Biology.  Matt is a Research Fellow with the Amsterdam Global Change Institute of Vrije University, The Netherlands, and has been a visitor here (in room 502C) since the fall semester. He recently had a paper in Nature on his work with invasive species, which made the cover.   Nature 513:543-546. Refreshments will be served prior to the seminar, at 3:30 PM.